Does God know me?

Does God Know Me?

Written By Collin Gummow

The idea that God knows us is a strange one. The idea that God knows us in our entirety, all of our flaws and imperfections, is a difficult one to accept. Does God know me? You may not have heard the Lord call you by name, but He knows you and He knows your name.

The scriptures teach us that this is true. Moses not only prayed, but also talked to God face-to-face, and God said to Moses, “I have a work for thee, Moses, my son.” The Lord knew Jacob’s name and changed it to Israel to more accurately reflect his mission on the earth. Similarly, He changed the names of Paul, Abraham, and Sarah. Elder Neal A. Maxwell said: “I testify to you that God has known you individually for a long, long time. He not only knows the names of all the stars; He knows your names and all your heartaches and your joys!”

Does God know me? How can I tell?

How can you know that your name and needs are known by Heavenly Father? Turn to the scriptures. Kneel in prayer. Ask in faith. Listen to the Holy Ghost. Live the gospel with patience and persistence.

As we pray, The Lord will guide and prepare us to do our part. When I was a freshman in high school I had read James 1:5 “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.” I got the idea to ask God if he knows me and if he has a plan for me.

On the night of January 21, 2018, I knelt down in prayer and went forward with my plan, to my astonishment the very next day I had received an answer I wasn’t expecting. After my school day had ended I felt that I shouldn’t go to practice but rather should head home. It was very confusing to me because if I missed practice I knew I’d have to run five miles to make it up to my coach. I decided that I’d better listen to my feelings and head home instead. When I walked through the door I found my brother bent over and choking. I was able to give him the Heimlich maneuver.

Each of us has a part to play in this great and marvelous work. Jesus Christ will help you. He will lead you by the hand. He knows you by name.

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