Recognizing Revelation

Last Sunday, we invited the entire mission to read the Book of Mormon in 92 days beginning today, October 1 and completing by January 1.  

I invite you to use a blue unmarked copy of the Book of Mormon. Mark it up!! Make it your road map!

We will be reading the Book of Mormon with the focus of finding and recognizing revealtion.  Look for ways the Lord speaks to His children.  You will read of men and women feeling impressions, being directed in journeys, hearing voices from the Spirt and angels, having dreams or visions, etc..  Also note the times that revealtion is absent from a person or group of people.  Why cant they hear the voice of the Lord?  

As you read through this lens, our hope is you will recognize how you Hear Him in your life, and that you will Hear Him more clearly and more frequently. You will have a stronger desire to always have His Spirit  be with you as the Lord has promised by covenant. (See sacrament prayer on bread). You will be blessed with the strength and perspective to make small changes to your life to feel of God’s power and hear Him.

President Nelson has stated:

”In coming days, it will not be possible to survive spiritually without the guiding, directing, comforting, and constant influence of the Holy Ghost.” 

“I plead with you to increase your spiritual capacity to receive revelation. … Choose to do the spiritual work required to enjoy the gift of the Holy Ghost and hear the voice of the Spirit more frequently and more clearly” (Russell M. Nelson, “Revelation for the Church, Revelation for Our Lives,” Ensign or Liahona, May 2018, 96).

We look forward to hearing about your discoveries and the increased revealtion you see, feel and experience in your own life.  Please know how much we love you! It’s sucha joy to serve with you. 


President and Sister John

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