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This is what Worth it Wednesday looks like

Twice a transfer, on a Wednesday, we have…Worth It Wednesday. (Texas Fort WORTH—get it?😉) It is an all-mission zoom call. It’s an extension of matters we cover at Zone Conference the first week in the transfer in addition to many temporal items such as vehicle training, apartment matters, health topics and even budgeting. We review principles in the Safeguards for Use of Technology and Adjusting to Missionary Life. We will also give time for training and uplifting messages.

With full-time missionary numbers exceeding 72,000, Church to create 36 new missions worldwide

Today was special as we discussed the effect the creation of the new Texas Dallas South mission will have on our mission. In July 2024, we will lose one stake to the Dallas West Mission as other stakes are shifted between missions to form the new mission. The missionaries who will be serving in that stake at the time will join that mission. This is the 4th mission in the Dallas Fort Worth area. What an exciting time to be alive and see this great work move forward!! Hurrah for Israel!!

It is a great time to be gathering Israel and bringing others to Jesus Christ and His restored gospel. The field is white already to harvest.

With its more than 72,000 full-time missionaries exceeding pre-COVID-19 pandemic totals, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will add 36 new missions worldwide next summer to accommodate the growing numbers.

Joining the 414 existing missions across the globe, the addition of the new 36 will bring the total to 450 missions — the most ever in Church history.

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